About Me

I'm the founder of David Lewis Construction & Utility Services Ltd. 

In addition, I have worked with many businesses across the UK. 

I have developed a range of skills, that have helped me to grow and expand David Lewis Construction & Utility Services Ltd core services, by focusing on providing each and every client with value. 

One of my key principles is communication, so my clients can contact me quickly and easily using their preferred choice.

 I have many years of experience in delivering projects across a broad spectrum, within the construction and utility sector. This variety has given me a unique insight, not just in operations, but also in the day to day running of companies, and I am able to use that extensive knowledge to help these clients further.

To add to my industry knowledge I served in the British Army, deploying to various parts of the world on operations.

 This time serving in the military taught me determination, courage and above all else discipline. 

These characteristics are the key to success!

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